Legal Status of the Heads of State in the Czech Lands From the Beginnings of Modern Constitutionalism Until the End of Communist Rule


  • Ádám Pál


head of state, president, Czechoslovakia, Czech Lands, constitution, republic


The story of the heads of state in the Czech Lands during the 19th and the 20th centuries is nothing less than the modern history of the nation itself. Their status and its changes over time tell us also about the struggles, concerns, ambitions, and successes of the Czech people. When looking at the legal position of the heads of state over time, one thing can be stated without any exaggeration: Their real influence always managed to grow through the role they were supposed to play according to the sheer text of the respective constitutional provisions. This article aims to disclose how and why this happened, with a particular emphasis on the constitutional context of this process.






Monarchs and Presidents in East Central Europe