Wax Tablets from Roșia Montană: Context and Content


  • Tamás Nótári „Sapientia” Hungarian University of Transylvania


wax tablets, province of Dacia, contracts, Roman law, Hellenistic law


The wax tablets from Roșia Montană constitute the main direct written sources which reflect the Roman legal tradition in its form existing in antiquity in the province of Dacia. They record various legal acts (deeds), preserved for posterity, including numerous contracts, a unique collection of inestimable value in the field of legal history. In this study we will present the special significance of the content of some of these tablets from the point of view of the history of law. We will draw some conclusions that can be deduced from their text regarding the norms of Roman law applied with a specific local character, to different types of contracts (sale-purchase, loan, hire of works, associations, irregular deposit). Based on the analysed texts we conclude that Roman law, as applied in the province of Dacia shows strong influences from the Hellenistic space, and during its application many institutions have been interpreted and used in a unique way, being adapted to local needs and the legal knowledge of the population.